American Public Health Association Annual Meeting
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American Public Health Association Annual Meeting

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Plan C will be presenting at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia on November 8th at 10:30a. 

Self-sourced abortion: How consumers, technology, and the global marketplace are opening new avenues of abortion access in the United States

As our political and legislative climate increasingly threatens to restrict abortion access and the cost of clinical services remains out of reach for many, those who need abortions are finding other ways to get them—often doing it themselves using abortion pills they self-source online or through other means. Two technologies are largely responsible for this: abortion pills (mifepristone plus misoprostol), which are easily self-administered and offer a high degree of safety and effectiveness, and the internet, which offers easy connections to information and the global pharmaceutical marketplace. This panel will describe the current landscape of online self-sourced abortion in the United States, research on women’s perspectives about self-sourcing abortion, legal considerations regarding self-induced abortion, and efforts to reframe abortion pills as a user controlled method and democratize information about this option for early abortion care.

Moderator: Francine Coeytaux, MPH


Abigail Aiken, MD, MPH, PhD, Self-sourced abortion: Women’s experiences accessing and using abortion medications outside the formal healthcare setting in the United States

Elisa Wells, MPH, Self-sourced abortion: The changing landscape of mail order abortion in the United States

Farah Diaz-Tello, J.D., Self-sourced abortion: Building the Scaffolding, Bearing the Shields - the Work of Lawyers in Supporting Self-Induced Abortion

Victoria Nichols, Self-sourced abortion: Reframing medical abortion pills as “Plan C”, an early abortion technology for self-use

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Society for Family Planning Forum, October 2017, Atlanta, GA

Society for Family Planning Forum, October 2017, Atlanta, GA

Safe, Legal and Delivered to Your Mailbox? The Changing Landscape of Self-Sourced Abortion in the United States

In many U.S. states, access to in-clinic abortion is so limited that people’s ability to exercise their right to choose is in jeopardy.  This session will explore the current landscape of self-sourced abortion in the U.S. A panel of researchers, legal experts, advocates, and clinicians will provide integrated perspectives from multiple disciplines. Panelists will present data on the availability and reliability of mifepristone and misoprostol from online sources, women’s experiences self-sourcing their own abortions, and emerging initiatives that provide information, advice, and support. Panelists will also discuss the legal environment surrounding abortion conducted outside the formal healthcare setting, and legal tips for those who provide post-abortion support. We will conclude with an interactive discussion about reframing the public discourse surrounding self-induction and the future of services designed to support and empower people in the U.S. to safely and effectively self-source and self-manage their own medication abortions.



Abigail R.A. Aiken, MD, MPH, PhD

University of Texas at Austin


Elisa Wells, MPH

Plan C


Jill E. Adams, JD

Self-Induced Abortion Legal Team


Beverly Winikoff, MD, MPH

Gynuity Health Projects


Moderator: Andi Friedman, JD

AF Advocacy

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10:00 AM10:00

National Abortion Federation

National Abortion Federation, April 2017 

Title: Self-Sourcing Abortion Pills from the Internet  


•         Abigail Aiken, MD, MPH, PhD, University of Texas at Austin

•         Chloe Murtagh, Gynuity Health Projects

•         Elisa Wells, MPH, Plan C

•         Elizabeth Raymond, MD, MPH, Gynuity Health Projects

•         Jill E. Adams, JD, The SIA Legal Team

•         Beverly Winikoff, MD, MPH (Moderator)

Description: As access to abortion through the formal healthcare system becomes increasingly restricted in the United States, safe and reliable alternative channels for obtaining this essential service are urgently needed. This panel will focus on one option – medical abortion pills procured over the internet – that many people seeking abortion have already considered and used. Panelists will present data on real experiences of US residents attempting to get abortion pills from online sources. They will share information from a new study in which researchers ordered pills from multiple websites, documented buying logistics, and analyzed products received for chemical content. Panelists will also review legal concerns for people who use online sites or who help others to do so and will weigh the medical risks and benefits of circumventing conventional abortion providers in the context of restricted access to clinic-based care. The discussion will look to the future, examining concrete ideas to safely and effectively use internet self-sourcing to enhance access to abortion in the US.









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