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Society for Family Planning Forum, October 2017, Atlanta, GA

Society for Family Planning Forum, October 2017, Atlanta, GA

Safe, Legal and Delivered to Your Mailbox? The Changing Landscape of Self-Sourced Abortion in the United States

In many U.S. states, access to in-clinic abortion is so limited that people’s ability to exercise their right to choose is in jeopardy.  This session will explore the current landscape of self-sourced abortion in the U.S. A panel of researchers, legal experts, advocates, and clinicians will provide integrated perspectives from multiple disciplines. Panelists will present data on the availability and reliability of mifepristone and misoprostol from online sources, women’s experiences self-sourcing their own abortions, and emerging initiatives that provide information, advice, and support. Panelists will also discuss the legal environment surrounding abortion conducted outside the formal healthcare setting, and legal tips for those who provide post-abortion support. We will conclude with an interactive discussion about reframing the public discourse surrounding self-induction and the future of services designed to support and empower people in the U.S. to safely and effectively self-source and self-manage their own medication abortions.



Abigail R.A. Aiken, MD, MPH, PhD

University of Texas at Austin


Elisa Wells, MPH

Plan C


Jill E. Adams, JD

Self-Induced Abortion Legal Team


Beverly Winikoff, MD, MPH

Gynuity Health Projects


Moderator: Andi Friedman, JD

AF Advocacy

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National Abortion Federation
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Cycles+Sex LA