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National Abortion Federation

National Abortion Federation, April 2017 

Title: Self-Sourcing Abortion Pills from the Internet  


•         Abigail Aiken, MD, MPH, PhD, University of Texas at Austin

•         Chloe Murtagh, Gynuity Health Projects

•         Elisa Wells, MPH, Plan C

•         Elizabeth Raymond, MD, MPH, Gynuity Health Projects

•         Jill E. Adams, JD, The SIA Legal Team

•         Beverly Winikoff, MD, MPH (Moderator)

Description: As access to abortion through the formal healthcare system becomes increasingly restricted in the United States, safe and reliable alternative channels for obtaining this essential service are urgently needed. This panel will focus on one option – medical abortion pills procured over the internet – that many people seeking abortion have already considered and used. Panelists will present data on real experiences of US residents attempting to get abortion pills from online sources. They will share information from a new study in which researchers ordered pills from multiple websites, documented buying logistics, and analyzed products received for chemical content. Panelists will also review legal concerns for people who use online sites or who help others to do so and will weigh the medical risks and benefits of circumventing conventional abortion providers in the context of restricted access to clinic-based care. The discussion will look to the future, examining concrete ideas to safely and effectively use internet self-sourcing to enhance access to abortion in the US.