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When people learn about this safe, private abortion method, many of them ask us “Is there something I can do to help make this a mainstream option in the US?” Absolutely! Right now the biggest way you can help is by spreading the word: becoming an unofficial 'information ambassador' and carrying these facts around with you in your back pocket: either in the form of cards, or of facts and information you can contribute to conversations and dialogues.  



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The Shelfie Campaign

Something's missing from my bathroom shelf: access to safe, affective abortion pills as a backup plan for a missed period. In countries all over the world, people can easily stock their bathroom shelves with this option: but here in the US, the pills are hard to get and information hard to access.



Print out the flyers or calling cards below and distribute them at marches, college campuses, bathrooms, and anywhere else people might see them.


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Suggested online and offline actions to spread the word:

PLAN C Flyer — Right-click and save the below flyer, or download a 4X PDF to print at home.  


Calling cards:


Click here to download a PDF of all suggested offline and online actions.