We’re Calling for a 21st Century Abortion.

As we recognize the 46th anniversary of Roe v Wade, one fact is clear: abortion might still be legal under the constitution, but for so many in the US it remains out of reach. This can change, NOW.

Take Action

Right now, it is our responsibility (and now yours!) to ensure every person in the US knows about abortion pills: what they are and how people are accessing them.

Where We Are Now

It’s time to understand the politics in order to move into the 21st century with a 21st Century Abortion. Read here.

Around the globe, people are discovering the power of self-managing early abortions using the same pills they’d get at a clinic.

(And YES, research shows it is both safe AND effective).


For the FIRST TIME, abortion pills are now readily available in the US through reliable services like Aid Access.

Visit ‘Need Pills?’ to learn more.


A resistance is forming to demand better access – and awareness of –this empowering technology.

Equity Check:


Here’s the truth: no matter what happens wealthy, white, coastal cis women will be fine.

Inequities in health care access disproportionately affect people of color, low-income, people with disabilities, and those who are non-binary or transgender, making it even harder for these marginalized groups to access abortion services.

These communities are also likely to face more legal risk when exercising reproductive autonomy. But good news: resources like the If/When/How Legal free hotline are providing guidance and support.  

Everyone capable of pregnancy deserves reproductive choice, and democratizing access to abortion pills is a step towards health equity.