Plan C is a platform and a communications campaign providing comprehensive information on self-managed abortion.

Plan C works in three core areas:

  • Educating the public about how people are safely and effectively managing their own abortions using pills:

  • Researching new routes of access to pills in the United States, including researching reliable and affordable sources of pills online and publicly sharing this information in a Report Card, and

  • Mobilizing a grassroots network of activists to demand that self-managed care becomes a mainstream option in the US (see our #21stcenturyabortion campaign and Ambassadors of Information).

Funds go directly to support our research on self-managed care, to maintain an up-to-date Report Card of online pill providers, to support our robust platform of information and resources, and to run an ongoing communications campaign sharing this information across the US and leading the way to a future of safe, accessible self-care.

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Plan C is a project of the National Women's Health Network (NWHN), a 501c3 nonprofit.
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