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People who choose to self-manage their abortions report that it can be confusing to know which of the many websites that offer abortion pills for sale are reliable. Our Report Card helps to address this question by offering information about different sites based on actual purchases from these sites. None of the websites listed asked for a prescription.

Remember, you may also be able to find an abortion provider near you or access telemedicine abortion services in some states through the Telabortion Study. Current states include Colorado, GeorgiaHawaii, New Mexico, New York, Maine, Oregon, or Washington State: check to see if you qualify.

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Website URL Grade Price (inc. ship) Ship Time Product Quality Physician Oversight
UPDATE: As of May 17, 2019, Aid Access has resumed service to the US. To read a letter from Aid Access’ founder, Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, about why she is defying the FDA request to stop serving the US, click HERE.

To learn more about the political suppression of access to abortion pills in the US, click HERE.

The Aid Access help desk ( is still available to provide information and email support to people in the US who are managing their own abortions.
A $90 B+ $115 * B+ $239 B $285 * B $239 B $240 * C+ $360 C $430 *


Shipping Time
7 Days or less
8-14 Days
15+ Days
Product Quality
No package damage and active ingredient content above 75% of labeled content
Package damage and/or active ingredient content less than 75% of labeled content
* Asterisk = Product quality score based on track record of manufacturer (not on tests of pills received).
Physician Oversight
Website is overseen by a physician who prescribes the pills based on basic medical information you provide. Follow up advice available.
No physician oversight.

The information in our report card includes the results of a "mystery shopper" study by Plan C and Gynuity Health Projects, completed in early 2017, as well as more recent purchases. In the 2017 study, we ordered "abortion kits" from online pharmacies and tested all pills we received in a lab. We have not tested the quality of the more recent purchases, instead basing our quality scores on prior knowledge of the manufacturers’ product quality. All of the pills we received were real—they contained the labeled active ingredients. However, some had lower amounts of active ingredient than they were supposed to (which could make them less effective). Please note that many of our findings reflect purchases made in early 2017. Because online pharmacy services are unregulated, there is no way to assess the authenticity or quality of the products they provide today (but we have no reason to suspect that the quality of pills they ship now would be different).

Payment options varied: some sites accepted credit cards; some sites used bank transfer platforms, like Transferwise; others required wiring money via Western Union; others accepted Bitcoin The cost of the pills, including shipping, averaged about $235 for an "abortion kit" containing both mifepristone and misoprostol. Buying misoprostol (Cytotec) alone may be less expensive, but is also less effective than using both mifepristone and misoprostol: 85% vs 97%). For images of kits that contained real active ingredients and information about their quality, visit

Please visit for more information about the legal status of self-use of abortion pills in the United States.

Murtagh C, Wells E, Raymond EG, Coeytaux F, Winikoff B. Exploring the Feasibility of Obtaining Mifepristone and Misoprostol from the Internet. Contraception. Published online October 11, 2017:

Updated 3/20/19